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Two solutions to plug screw barrel of extruder

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In the process of using the extruder, the screw barrel is filled with material, and the screw can not rotate, leading to the production schedule behind. Today, xiaobian will introduce two ways to solve this situation, hoping to have a reference for you.

1, increase the temperature of the barrel, let the material inside the barrel melt through high temperature, wait for a period of heat preservation, slowly start, pay attention to the temperature of the barrel can not be set too high, lest the temperature is too high, the material coke, but not easy to deal with.

2. If the above aspects do not work, it is necessary to consider whether there is a hard thing inside the barrel to jam the front part. Because the screw groove is shallow from deep, if there is a hard thing, it may be stuck, which is the need to clean out the hard thing. If the internal inspection is not caused by the blockage of the screw barrel, the screw and barrel need to be removed, while heating, so that the use of a thousand pounds of top will be blocked out of the material.

If the blocked material can not be pushed out, the barrel screw can basically be determined to have been scrapped. Note that at this time, it is not allowed to use brute force to push out, so as not to damage other parts and affect future use.

It is important to note at the moment is the production of raw material is polyethylene, the processor barrel screw, need under the mouth of the rest of the raw materials, and off near the feed opening of cooling water, in the use of heating tile heating, let the blocked material after heating, melting, note that at the time of heating, barrel temperature should be set up to 260 degrees or so, And the heating time is 2 hours.

Two solutions to plug the screw barrel of the extruder are introduced here. I don't know if it helps you. If there are other aspects of the fault, you do not know how to solve, you can contact the manufacturer's technical personnel.

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