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Twin-screw rubber barrel work of three processes

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Many users are consulting the principle of twin screw rubber barrel work is what, this xiaobian interviewed zhejiang Dongbin rubber screw Co., Ltd. industrial operators, you can know that its work can be roughly divided into three processes, the following is xiaobian to do the sorting of this problem

A lot of rubber and plastic twin screw rubber barrel has done a lot of research, in order to better improve the production process and scenic area, the research on it is still continuing, but at present, there is a very clear understanding of its working principle and workflow.

First of all, let's learn the working principle of a single screw rubber barrel: supercharging and pumping mixed gas and devolatilization through solid transportation melting. As for the twin screw rubber barrel, there are many kinds of it, which bring difficulty to people's research.

On the whole, the working principle of twin screw rubber barrel can be divided into three processes:

1. In the production of polymer, because of the law of state change, coupled with the law of solid melt transport principle, a physical model can be established, so as to make the design and production of barrel more outstanding.

2, if there are more than two kinds of polymer and material, then you need to ensure that the physical state change and structural change and performance state in the production process.

3, twin screw rubber barrel at work, from the reaction process, speed, performance plus the relationship between the product structure and operating conditions, so that the effect of extrusion is better.

The three processes of twin screw rubber barrel work are introduced here. Whether single screw structure or twin screw structure, in the usual production process, to choose the regular manufacturer of rubber barrel.

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