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Maintenance method of twin screw rubber extruder

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In order to ensure the safe and stable production of the twin screw rubber extruder and prolong its service life, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of the twin screw extruder. The maintenance methods are as follows:

1. Maintenance during device operation

Materials are not allowed to entrain sundry, metal and sand and other hard substances into the hopper and barrel; When opening the exhaust chamber cover, foreign bodies should also be prevented from falling into the barrel; The rubber extruder should keep enough heat preservation time after heating up, and start operation after the front disk should be light; The screw is only allowed to start at low speed, idling time should not exceed 2min, the feeder should be fed in starvation mode, before gradually increasing the speed.

2. Maintain hosts

The oil and lubricating oil should be replaced once every 4000h after running. If the main motor is dc, the carbon brush of the motor should be checked once a month, and records should be made, and the carbon brush should be replaced when necessary. The electric control cabinet should be cleaned once a month, check the wear of screw and barrel every quarter, and make a good record; Check the gear, bearing and oil seal of the gear box once a year; When the machine is shut down for a long time, anti-rust and anti-fouling treatment should be carried out.

After the failure of the twin screw rubber extruder, it should be repaired according to the steps and methods described in the operating manual of the equipment.

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