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How to choose a suitable Parallel/conical twin screw barrel manufacturer?

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The twin screw barrel manufacturers industry has grown in both size and significance over the last decade. Producers from around the world have started creating high-quality barrel components, which means that you'll have an abundance of suppliers to choose from when shopping for twin screw barrels.


Twin Screw Extruder Pvc

Twin Screw Extruder PVC


However, it can be hard to determine which company you should go with since there are so many on the market nowadays. Keep reading to learn how to choose the right parallel/conical twin screw barrel manufacturer for your needs.


Features and Design Factors

The two conical screws are arranged horizontally, and the two axes are installed into the barrel at an included angle. The gears and gear shafts in the transmission system, as well as the radial bearings and thrust bearings supporting these gear shafts, have a large installation space. It can install radial bearings and thrust bearings of larger specifications, and each drive shaft has enough to meet the transmission torque. Therefore, the large working torque and large load capacity are the major features of the conical twin-screw extruder. This parallel twin-screw extruder is unmatched.


Conical Twin Screw Barrel (3)

Conical Twin Screw Barrel


Due to the limitation of the small center distance of the parallel twin screw barrel, the space for the radial bearing and thrust bearing supporting the two output shafts and the related transmission gears in the transmission gearbox is very limited. It also cannot solve the reality of the bearing capacity of the bearing, the modulus of the gear, the small diameter, and the small diameter of the tail of the two screws, resulting in poor torque resistance.


Small output torque and poor load resistance are the most significant defects of parallel twin-screw extruders. However, the plasticity of the length-diameter ratio is the advantage of the parallel twin-screw. It can increase and decrease the length-diameter ratio according to the difference of the molding conditions to meet the requirements of the plastic processing technology, and can expand the application range of the parallel twin-screw. Conical twin screw extruders are difficult to do.


Parallel Twin Screw Barrel (2)

Parallel Twin Screw Barrel


We are not just a manufacturer, we are also a supplier of screw barrels. It is imperative that you choose the right manufacturer for your needs. You need to take into consideration many factors while choosing the right one.


Influence of Screw Structure on Production Process

The first thing that you need to look at when choosing a manufacturer is the screw structure of their products. If you have decided to go with a specific type of barrel, then it is essential for you to find out whether or not they have any kind of special feature or not.


You should also look at their product catalog and check if there are any other types of barrels available for sale by them. This will help you make an informed decision about which company to go with.


Quality assurance

It is important for you to understand what kind of quality assurance methods your chosen manufacturer uses so that you can be sure that their products come with all the required features and specifications in place before they reach your shop floor. There are two ways in which manufacturers can ensure quality assurance; through testing or through inspection.


Through testing, they can test their products before they are released into production, and after thorough inspection, they can check if these products meet their required specs before.


The Method of Selecting High-quality Twin Screw Barrel

The method of selecting high quality twin screw barrel manufacturers is to compare the features and prices of the different companies. The most important thing to consider is that you need to make sure that your twin screw machine has a good warranty.


This will ensure that the manufacturer will take care of any problems that may arise with your machine. It should also be noted that not all companies offer warranties on their products, so it is important to find out about this before making a purchase.


Another thing to consider when looking for a new twin screw barrel manufacturer is whether or not they have an existing customer base and if so, how many customers they have. This can be helpful in determining whether or not they are capable of providing you with what you need as well as taking care of any issues that may arise with your machine. 


It is also important to look at the reviews left by previous customers who have purchased from this particular company before making an order with them. This can be helpful in finding out whether or not they are reliable and trustworthy or not so much.


Finally, it is important for you to check out their online presence so that you can see what kind of company they really are before making an order with them.


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