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Factors affecting the service life of screw barrel of injection molding machine

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Screw barrel is an important part for injection molding machine, is often used in the injection molding industry, but its use process will inevitably cause wear and wear makes the gap is too big, can't normal extrusion, injection and scrap, further make its service life shortens greatly, simple for everybody today introduce several influence factors of its service life.

1. Operating conditions

When the compare operation will shorten the service life of the harsh environment, such as the temperature is above 200 ℃, the machine barrel screw not only need to bear high temperature, but also need to bear high pressure, especially need to withstand abrasion of melting effect, the forecast model of load and large torque and starting pressure, natural these can cause wear and tear and shorten its service life.

2. Failure mechanism

Most of the barrel screw failure is the main cause of abrasive wear, plastic plasticizing and packing under high temperature conditions, the often take apart the corrosive medium, the corrosive medium will cause corrosion to the appearance of barrel and screw, after corrosion are easy to be brought out of plastic, cause material damage, corrosion or wear and tear will speed up its expiration time.

3. Factors of production

When the barrel and screw are manufactured, the choice of material and the surface of the material will affect its service life. At the same time, when it is running, whether the speed or back pressure will also affect its service life.

How to prolong the service life of injection molding machine barrel screw? When customers in the selection, first of all should be based on the properties of plastic processing to determine the compression ratio, length-diameter ratio, edge width and other parameters, to ensure that the parameters meet the actual application needs, and then in the process of use, should pay attention to regular maintenance.

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